Saturday, December 31, 2011

We have a winner!!!

After adding in all the names between the Facebook page and then the blog, there were 48 entries. I then used the True Random Number Generator to find the winner!!

And the winner is...

Gayna Roy Redick!!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Only 6 more days to enter the Giveaway!

Just a quick reminder that I am giving away, FOR FREE, 2 cans of paint, 2 waxes and Annie Sloan's book! And to be in the running to win, all you have to do is post a few comments!

On December 30, I will announce one lucky winner. Here's what it will include:

2 Quarts of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
1 Clear Wax
1 Dark Wax
1 Annie's book, "Quick and Easy Paint Transformations"

Here are ways to enter:

1) Become a follower of my blog here and post a comment letting me know.

2) Become a follower of Annie's blog ( and comment with "American Tour 2012"

3) Go to and read all about this incredible event!

For an additional entry, become a follower on my Facebook page "Sweet Vintage Decor" and let me know that you are a new follower!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets Transformation with ASCP

Hope you all are getting your Christmas shopping finished up! Is it just me, or did Christmas sneak up on us really fast? It seems like last week I was barely getting ready for Halloween.

Anyway, about a month ago, I painted some kitchen cabinets in ASCP's Country Grey. This is a house my family owns and rents out, and the kitchen cabinets were dirty, greasy and in rough shape. Not to mention brown, boring and VERY dated. The kitchen counters are a weird green tile, but the appliances are stainless steel. Because it is a rental and we needed to keep costs down, my mom asked me to paint the cabinets.

To start, I removed all of the cabinet doors and hardware. I then used scotch bright pads and scrubbed down everything. Most times I down even clean dirt off of furniture before painting, but this kitchen was not clean! I wasn't worried about the paint adhering, it was just gross! I painted the cabinets themselves 2 coats of Country Grey with a regular 2" angled paint brush.

I then painted the cabinet doors. After 1 coat, I noticed that some of the cabinet doors had grease spots bleeding through. To be safe, I painted them all with 1 coat of Zinser Shellac. It costs about $13 for a quart and you can find this at any hardware store. It dries very fast and only added $13 maybe an extra hour to the job - and thats with 21 cabinet doors! I have painted many pieces of furniture and this is the first time I had to seal something before painting. After the Shellac, I painted 2 coats of Country Grey to all of the cabinet doors, front AND back.

I then finished everything off with 2 coats of lacquer. We already had the lacquer on hand, but if it were my choice, I would have used 2-3 coats of wax which is just as strong, if not a stronger protective finish than the lacquer. This was also before we received the Annie Sloan Lacquer.

I also spray painted the old hinges in brushed nickel to match the new handles. The entire process took about 3 days. Here is the cost and material breakdown as well:

3 Quarts ASCP Country Grey (I still have about half a quart left) = $116.85

1 Quart Zinser Shellac = $13

1 Package Scotch Bright Pads = $8

1 Can Brushed Nickel Spray Paint = $5

New Handles = $40

Total cost = $182.85

Like I mentioned before, I had lacquer on hand, but if I would have used Annie Sloan wax like I would have preferred, I would add an additional 2 tins ($50) to be safe.

Here are the before and after pictures. Please excuse the poor quality!! I was planning on going back to take good pictures after the house was cleaned, but the house rented so quick that I didn't get the chance!

Don't forget to enter the BIG GIVEAWAY here:

Not sure why, but Blogger is putting the pictures in a random order, I apologize.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The BIG Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway!!

So here it is folks! I am finally posting it! I have been so busy between both stores.

Ok, so back to the stuff you REALLY want to hear about! Annie Sloan is coming to the US!! She will be here in March and is doing a tour across the states. If you are the winner of my giveaway, you will also be entered to win a seat at one of Annie's workshop tour stops!

On December 30, I will announce one lucky winner. Here's what it will include:

2 Quarts of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
1 Clear Wax
1 Dark Wax
1 Annie's book, "Quick and Easy Paint Transformations"

Here are ways to enter:

1) Become a follower of my blog here and post a comment letting me know.

2) Become a follower of Annie's blog ( and comment with "American Tour 2012"

3) Go to and read all about this incredible event!

For an additional entry, become a follower on my Facebook page "Sweet Vintage Decor" and let me know that you are a new follower!

There is so much going on and I plan to post more now with this awesome iPhone app!!

(Photo courtesy of Jolie Design)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Introducing, Lisa with Sweet South Cottage!

Hello everyone! My next few blog posts will be introductions of my other Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist-sistahs! Lisa over at Sweet South Cottage wrote a wonderful post about me and my business and I wanted to be sure that my few, but faithful followers were able to see it as well!

To view Lisa's blog and her wonderful post about me and Sweet Vintage Decor, go HERE!  But be sure to look around at all her other wonderful goodies that she has hiding over there!

Lisa and I share the sentiment to help and encourage those around us. You will be seeing more postings on her blog about other Annie Sloan stockists in the future and I am going to flow with it as well!  This way, we can be sure to share all sorts of talent and ideas and yummy pictures of furniture, all over the nation. Starting in Florida and now here in California.

Be sure to become a follower/subscriber to Lisa's great blog! You won't want to miss anything good!

Where shall we go next ladies??

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to Catch Up!

It has been longer than I would like since my last blog post. I have been incredibly busy in the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, we had a Fall open house at Old Glory and it was wonderful. My mom and I met a lot of wonderful people that day and it seemed many enjoyed my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint demo. 

Last Saturday was the Affaire at the Barn in Menifee, CA. This is the event that I realized that I really need a semi truck for this business. I've since decided that a trailer will do. It took 3 trips in my little SUV and a car load in my mom's car to get everything there. A lot of packing, loading, driving, unloading, and setting up. But boy was it worth it! We had the BEST time and met SO many great people! 

When I pulled my camera out to take some pictures, I realized that I grabbed my cousin's Cannon battery (left here on her vacation…I will bring it in two weeks Anna!) for my Nikon camera. Awesome. So please forgive my lack of pictures. 

I met a wonderful woman named Maryjane. She was an instant fan of ASCP and has done a blog post about the event and yours truly! Visit her blog HERE. Be sure to check out her 1957 travel trailer. I have a serious case of jealous-itis.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about my new space I am moving into! Exciting things are happening and I am so excited to share! 

New colors are in! Pure White, CoCo and French Linen. French Linen is my new favorite! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Old Glory Fall Event!

This Saturday, September 24, Old Glory General Store (Riverside, CA) will be having a huge fall event. I will be there demonstrating Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in all its wonderful-ness! I also will have some wonderful handmade Halloween and Fall items for sale, along with some other great projects my mom and I have been working on. You don't want to miss this. The entire store will be themed and decorated for Fall and there will be great sales going on throughout the entire store! If you have never visited Old Glory, this is a great opportunity to come see the huge collection of treasures they have. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Affaire at the Barn….

I will be demo'ing at this wonderful event on October 1st. There will be great vendors and wonderful people and items! You don't want to miss this! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Red Thread @ Murrieta Gardens - Pictures!!

I want to give everyone an introduction to my space at the Red Thread in Murrieta, Ca. The Red Thread carries Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and we will be having lots of fun workshops soon! Our first is a Girls Night Out on September 9th!  

The shop is located in Historic Downtown Murrieta in a wonderful old house that was built in the 1800's.  The charming and serene shop is filled with antiques and other wonderful gift items. 

It is located at:
41958 Juniper St.
Murrieta, CA
(951) 677-1520

My wonderful photographer cousin Anna (visit her blog!  Wonderland Photography) was here on vacation a couple weeks ago and took some great pictures of my space. It has since changed and grown and I have much more in the space, but I couldn't help but share these gorgeous pictures! 

Well, hope you enjoy the pictures for now. I will take new pictures of the larger space as soon as I have a chance. 

Oh! And by the way… This is for sale at the Red Thread now. I was chosen as a favorite by Miss Mustard Seed herself for this settee! 

Until next time….

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ladie's Night in Downtown Murrieta

Hello Ladies! 

Tomorrow, Thursday the 18th, I will be in Historic Downtown Murrieta for Ladies' Night. There are a wonderful group of unique stores that are hosting the event and it is expected to be great fun! They call themselves "The Loop", since they are all located in a loop! 

On the loop, you will find fantastic "deals" on home decor, yard art, antiques and heirloom quality items. Why not add a unique vintage piece of jewelry or clothing to your wardrobe? 

I will also be there as your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mini-Stockist to answer any questions you may have. You can find me at the Red Thread, located inside Murrieta Gardens Antiques and Treasures at 41958 Juniper St, Historic Downtown Murrieta, CA. We will have paint available for purchase as well! 

Come watch me transform this hot mess! 

Pretty rough, huh? And to think, I don't have to strip, prime or sand any of it! 

Come see the magic tomorrow evening from 4-8pm in Historic Downtown Murrieta! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Workshops Workshops Workshops!

Sorry for my absence lately! I have had family visiting and lots going on! I have some great projects to post soon, but I wanted to get this out there for everyone right away! 

Here is a list of our upcoming Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshops! 

Girls Night Out! 

Learn three Annie Sloan Chalk Paint techniques- hands-on!
Antique Look
Bring a small piece of your own to paint in the color of your choice.
Cost is $125 and includes ALL supplies. 

Friday, August 19, 2011, 6:00-9:00pm
My Favorite Things in Crestline, CA
Contact Yolanda at (909) 338-9555

Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 5:30-8:30pm
Old Glory in Riverside, CA
Contact Andrea at (951)532-4627

September 9, 2011, 6:00-9:00pm
Murrieta Gardens, The Red Thread in Murrieta, CA 
Contact Andrea (951)532-4627

Monday, August 1, 2011

Girls Night Out Workshop!

Girls Night Out

A hands-on introduction to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! 

We will be learning 2 techniques:
2 Color


Bring a small piece of your own to paint in the color of your choice! 
All supplies will be provided.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

To sign up, please visit Old Glory or call me directly at (951) 532-4627

Old Glory 

4344 Market Street
Riverside, CA 92501-3518
(951) 682-4860

You don't want to miss this! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Secretary Desk Named Fancy Nancy

My mom will be proud of this post. I took good before pictures! I found this cute little old secretary's desk a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to do one and this was in need of some work.

See her sad little hanging handle? Poor thing. 

I decided to mix a custom color for this one. Otherwise, everything will end up in Annie Sloan Duck Egg or Old White. I love those colors! I mixed Annie Sloan Aubusson, Duck Egg and Old White and finished with some distressing and some clear and dark wax. 

I decided I wanted to paint the inside white to give the finished look and to brighten it up a bit.

I love the contrast of the stained trim, blue, white and brass hinges.

I decided to name her "Fancy Nancy" after my mom's best friend and secretary of 12 years. Yesterday, we attended Nancy's funeral and it was a sad day. She has been around since I was a kid and she was part of the family. She was a special lady with the biggest heart and creativity oozing out of her. My mom called her "Fancy Nancy Pants".  Please keep her family and my mom in your prayers. It was a sudden, unexpected loss.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before and After…And Some Lonesome After's

My mom is going to be mad at me for this post. I am missing some before pictures. They were projects I started before my blog, so I wasn't very disciplined on taking those shots. So I'm sorry, and I promise to take "before's" for everything

On to the pretties! 

When I saw this bench I It had gorgeous lines and was in great shape! I knew a little paint and fabric would totally make it "me".  

So I removed the fabric and check out what was underneath!

I don't care if it is genuine or just for decor, I like it! But the fabric itself was very thin and I wanted this piece to be functional seating. So I did what any blog following, makeover stalking, Miss Mustard Seed super-fan would do. I covered it in a grain sack of course! 

For the record, I do rent, so my funky floors are out of my control. I do my best to keep pretty things everywhere to distract you! 

I painted this piece with Annie Sloan Old White and finished it with some clear wax and light sanding. I love it and I feel like it is an original, even though it was inspired by this:

Found here at Miss Mustard Seed's blog.

Next up are the lonesome after's. I do not have before pictures, so just picture them super ugly so I look like I did a great job!

This little footstool was pretty funky. I painted it with Annie Sloan Provence, clear and dark waxed, covered it in dropcloth and painted some lines on it to mimic a grain sack. It is even cuter in person! Now it is for sale at Old Glory in Riverside. 

Next, is a cute little bookshelf. Someone had painted it with stain. Yeah, funk-tacular! I covered it with one coat of Annie Sloan Duck Egg and left it matte. I love it! I secretly hoping it doesn't sell. Shhh…

Well that's it for the makeovers! Hope you enjoyed! The other day, I teased you with this picture.

I went to a unfinished furniture store and asked if they had any scraps I could buy to use when I teach workshops and such. Not only did he have a GIANT warehouse FULL of scraps, he filled my car up with them and didn't charge me a dime!! 

Look at all those legs!!

This picture doesn't do my score any justice. I just called it a "score," I think I'm an addict. And yes, that is a gorgeous footboard and a super chunk-a-licious mini-pillar.

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time folks! 


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