Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mirror Makeover

I found this mirror at a garage sale a couple months ago. I hadn't done anything with it yet, as it wasn't speaking to me. Yes, I sat there and stared at it…waiting for it to say "Paint me and make me pretty!" Yes, I really do believe my pieces talk to me. Don't judge.

Here is the detail before. It was a dark, shiny and thick. Thank God for amazing paint that sticks to ANYTHING!

My mom already yelled at me today to take better before and after pictures. So I promise I will have better pictures from now on. I just get excited and start painting and then realize "I forgot to take a before!" Hence the white paint on the edges of the picture.

I painted it Old White, clear waxed, sanded and then dark waxed. It was missing something. So even over the wax, I dry brushed some Paris Grey and Duck Egg. And I love it. I hope someone else does too!

Yes, that is a half a can of Duck Egg on my patio. I pretty much cried when it spilt. Then I grabbed the closest piece of furniture near me, sat on the ground and painted off the floor. This stuff is like gold people! When you try it, you will understand! 

Today I hit a jackpot. I will share that with you tomorrow. Here is a sneak peak though!


  1. Wow, I love how you mixed so many different colors! It's beautiful!

  2. Found you through Alchemy Trash to Treasure. My pieces speak to me too! Like you, I don't just jump in, I wait until I am inspired usually by something I might see in a magazine or blog. And I don't decide on a finish until I strip or sand a piece. Your mirror turned out fab. The detail is so pretty and your paint job shows it off well. Great job. Stop by when you get a chance.

  3. Love that!! Weird -- my bff in high school's name was Andrea Young! :)

  4. not sure how i came across your blog, but you will be a new favorite, for sure!! that mirror is fantastic!!