Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ladie's Night in Downtown Murrieta

Hello Ladies! 

Tomorrow, Thursday the 18th, I will be in Historic Downtown Murrieta for Ladies' Night. There are a wonderful group of unique stores that are hosting the event and it is expected to be great fun! They call themselves "The Loop", since they are all located in a loop! 

On the loop, you will find fantastic "deals" on home decor, yard art, antiques and heirloom quality items. Why not add a unique vintage piece of jewelry or clothing to your wardrobe? 

I will also be there as your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mini-Stockist to answer any questions you may have. You can find me at the Red Thread, located inside Murrieta Gardens Antiques and Treasures at 41958 Juniper St, Historic Downtown Murrieta, CA. We will have paint available for purchase as well! 

Come watch me transform this hot mess! 

Pretty rough, huh? And to think, I don't have to strip, prime or sand any of it! 

Come see the magic tomorrow evening from 4-8pm in Historic Downtown Murrieta! 

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  1. oh man I wish I lived closer, I LOVE THIS KINDA STUFF!!! have fun and post pics please :)