Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to Catch Up!

It has been longer than I would like since my last blog post. I have been incredibly busy in the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, we had a Fall open house at Old Glory and it was wonderful. My mom and I met a lot of wonderful people that day and it seemed many enjoyed my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint demo. 

Last Saturday was the Affaire at the Barn in Menifee, CA. This is the event that I realized that I really need a semi truck for this business. I've since decided that a trailer will do. It took 3 trips in my little SUV and a car load in my mom's car to get everything there. A lot of packing, loading, driving, unloading, and setting up. But boy was it worth it! We had the BEST time and met SO many great people! 

When I pulled my camera out to take some pictures, I realized that I grabbed my cousin's Cannon battery (left here on her vacation…I will bring it in two weeks Anna!) for my Nikon camera. Awesome. So please forgive my lack of pictures. 

I met a wonderful woman named Maryjane. She was an instant fan of ASCP and has done a blog post about the event and yours truly! Visit her blog HERE. Be sure to check out her 1957 travel trailer. I have a serious case of jealous-itis.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about my new space I am moving into! Exciting things are happening and I am so excited to share! 

New colors are in! Pure White, CoCo and French Linen. French Linen is my new favorite! 

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  1. I became a follower of your blog!!!!! Love it! and love annie sloan chalk paint!