Monday, July 16, 2012

Chalk Paint™ in Florence!

Hello all! I didn't get a chance to post this when I did it, but here she is now. This is a sofa table that was a total manufactured, comes as a set in a box type of piece. My amazing hair dresser gave it to me along with the matching side table. I got them just when Florence was released, so I figured they were the perfect pieces to test it out on.

Florence is very bold and bright. It almost has a hunter green look to it, with some turquoise. I LOVE it. Especially with some dark wax!

This sofa table was a shiny finish, but was all kinds of Florence in just 1 hour and one and a half coats of paint. I then heavily distressed it and followed up with a dark mixture of Clear and Dark wax - yep, I mix my wax and apply all at once! After some buffing, she was ready to go!


  1. Hi there! Don't you just love the new color? Great job on this table! Thanks for stopping by and emailing me today! Your newest follower and wishing you the best! -Kennesha @ Restoration House Interiors

  2. Whoa! This is awesome! Very well done on the painting of this table. I would have never of thought to use chalk paint, but now I see that it gives a great touch of contrast and texture to the furniture. Do you restore a lot of these tables? I was in the process of one for myself and I was thinking of adding drawer slides to the drawers because the wood has warped over the years, making them difficult to open. Have you ever replaced anything like that on your projects?